Stargate has developed a wide range of software applications for various markets. The building industry, and in particular the Aluminium and Glass Industry has several applications available.

StarFront Designer
The latest MS-Windows based StarFront Designer Program is now available. This program designs, costs and produces cutting schedules for the manufacture of aluminium shop fronts, windows and doors. Currently, all the extrusion systems available from Wispeco are available on StarFront....More Information

This product has been discontinued!

ShopFront Designer
This product has been discontinued!


NuKlip Designer
This product has been discontinued!

Clear-Cut Optimiser
Clear-Cut is a sheet-cutting optimisation program used primarily for cutting glass. The program interfaces directly with both StarFront Designer. It determines both the optimum sheet sizes plus cutting sequence to maximise the yield. The saw thickness can also be specified allowing the program to be used for cutting any material from sheets, e.g. aluminium sheets, wood, plastic etc.

Universal CAD Symbol Library
This product has been discontinued!

Wispeco CAD Symbol Library
Based on the Cad package Turbo CAD, this system gives the user access to over 300 full detailed drawings of the Universal shopfront system, as well as detailed symbol libraries of the following extrusion systems: Universal ShopFront System, Caselite 28, Horizontal 500 Series Slider, Ranch Slider and the Vertlite system. The symbol libraries include  

Other products developed by Stargate

StarFind is a generic database program for distributing product information such as price files or electronic catalogs to clients. Its flexible structure and ease of use make it an ideal vehicle for conveying this type of information. The StarFind system has been successfully implemented for various clients including, HDSA, Conways, Almar, Cascolor, Surgicom and various others.

Bildware is a highly advanced ironmongery Specification system. Developed for the Corpbuild group, this MS Windows (R) based program is the leader in its field. The system 'learns' as it is used and it can specify entire ironmongery schedules based on 'similar' contracts done in the past.

WADDS 2000
WADDS 2000 is a very specialised invoicing and financial management system written for the Retail Meat Industry of South Africa. It manages over 1000 butcheries with over 4000 members. It controls the pension, provident, medical, accident plan, hospital plan, council levies and union contributions for each of these members.

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